Hello! Welcome to Kylie's sketch/wip art blog~ Thank you for coming and taking a look. I really appreciate it! This blog is the art of Kylie, also known as Kyuutan-megumi on DA or KyumesKrap on Tumblr.
This blog is for my art only. If you want to see personal/fandom posts click on my personal blog link, thank you.
Please do not steal any art from this blog. Thank you~
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Kyume's Art Blog

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Hey Guys! Sorry for no Fill-in Friday this week. I have decided to do them every other Friday now, so I will have them more spread out. 

Sorry for not being super active! I haven’t had a comfy spot to draw for awhile, I have an aweful chair and work has been pretty busy so I haven’t really had a chance to really sit down and draw. I will hopefully update more this next week. 


Fill in Friday 2

I suggest reading the first one before reading this one. Again you don’t have to read. This is mostly for my benefit haha;;;…

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Fill in Friday! 1

I decided to do a post every Friday where I will “fill you guys in” on what my art plans are for the weekend and the upcoming week~

Then every Friday, after this one, I will let you know what my progress is/was~ This will help me remind myself of some art goals and will also keep you guys updated on what I want to do. 

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