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Got Myself A Twitter!

Yep! Since I am away from home and funny things have been happening I thought I would get myself a Twitter so I can just post stupid or awesome things that happen to me without spamming my Tumblr~ 

I am new to it, but it looks fun~


Hey guys, Tomorrow (Friday) I am moving to my college apartment. I am very nervous and I hope everything goes alright…

Because I am moving I may not be able to get back online for awhile. I don’t know how long (mostly because I don’t know if my roommates have internet set up or not, if they do and they let me in on their plan I could update with news as early as Saturday, if not it could take longer), but I will try to update on Monday; show pictures of my new place, news, etc. 

Wish me luck! Will update you guys as soon as I can!


Ok. So, this Friday me and my mom went down to the college to work things out and we got all the problems solved! I am feeling a ton better! I have a very chill schedule, and I also applied for jobs while I was down there so hopefully I will hear from one of them soon. 

But! This doesn’t mean I will be free to draw. (although I am going to try to livestream at least 2 more times before I go) This week I am going to be packing because I move down to my college apartment on the 22nd! But hopefully by the end of this month I will be all settled in and able to draw again! Again, sorry guys for all of the inactivity!! :( I will make it up to you I swear!